4050 Danville Bypass

Danville KY, 40422

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You're on the Team.

Faith Church isn't a building or location (Though we do have these), Faith Church is made up of all the people that attend our Services. We all have a role to play and working together we can achieve far more than than we ever could alone.  If you are a part of our Church then you're on our Team. 


Get to know a few of our members below to make your experience a little more comfortable when you visit.  


  • Jay Adkins - Sr Pastor @ Faith Church

  • Amy Adkins - Assistant Pastor & Founder of Stick with the Plan

Worship Team

  • Haley Sheperson - Vocalist

  • Suzanne Brown - Percussionist

  • Cailey Gooch - Worship Leader

  • Nathan Cox - Assorted Instruments

  • Shanna Sheperson- Vocalist

  • Salli Sloan - Vocalist

Public Relations

  • Billy Gross - Director of Public Relations

  • Danny Cheek - Phone & Prison Outreach Projects

Childrens Ministries

  • Cynthia Stone - Director of Children's Ministries

  • Michaela Stone - Children's Ministries

  • Shanna Sheperson - Children's Ministries

  • Amy Royse - Children's Ministries

Youth Ministry

  • Ericka Cox - Games Coordinator 

Technical Staff

  • Kristy Chartier - Sound Board Technician

  • Arey - Monitor / Screen Technician

  • Fabian Vargas - Multimedia & Promotional Development 

  • Kara Gambrel - Slide & Other Promotional Development Lead

  • John Gambrel - Technical Support & Web Development Director


  • Robert Royse - Facilities Custodian, Offerings, & Jack of all Trades